PHYSIOFLEX CENTRE is a holistic rehab and wellness centre where you will feel better and perform better. A centre which advocates a medically proven, safe and easy way to lose weight and inches along with state of art equipments for physiotherapy treatments. PHYSIOFLEX CENTRE is commited towards WEIGHT LOSS with a DIFFERENCE. approach
towards weight and inch loss is NON SURGICAL and NON INVASIVE.

An inch loss and weight loss programme without any side effects is provided in combination with specially designed non surgical and non invasive method with state of art machines which lead to an increase in BMR, along with a diet which is rich in proteins and low in carbohydrate with the help of a qualified dietician.

The treatments are all provided under medical supervision along with life style counseling done by a medical practitioner who helps the patient to also find out any pre-existing health
problems which the patient is unaware and due to he/she has not lost weight/inches in the past, inspite of severe dieting and others work outs.