Dr. Sameera Gupta is a renowned physio-occupational therapist who specializes in sports medicine and weight loss management. In order to improve the quality of life of her patients, she integrates multi-speciality treatments. She takes a holistic approach to beauty and health-related problems, which makes her stand out from most health care professionals who have a unidimensional view. Because of her use of permutations and combinations of various scientifically proven methods of wellness, her patients have experienced accelerated recoveries from their ailments.

Dr. Sameera is a pioneer in the field of physio-occupational therapy. She has devised a unique method to analyse, treat, and monitor the health of her patients: The Power of 360°. It is a one-of-a-kind concept that has not only been tried and tested, but also received exceptional results along with positive feedback from her happy and healthy patients. Through her step-by-step procedures, she is able to identify the root cause of a health problem in her patients and prepare a personalized plan to combat it effectively.

She channels her expert knowledge in the field of physio-occupational therapy through her clinic, PhysioSlim Clinic. Located in Sujay Hospital, it is managed by a team of well-qualified doctors, dietitians, and allied healthcare professionals. Her state-of-the-art machines and well-researched nutrition programmes have benefited many of her patients, giving them a renewed healthy life, a fit body, and a confident mind.

If you are having trouble managing weight or if you are trying to lose those tricky inches, Dr. Sameera Gupta can help you in your journey with the power of physio-occupational therapy. She can create structured wellness programmes for weight loss as well as inch loss procedures like tummy-tuck, thigh tuck, double chin, etc. Under her supervision, her team operates latest devices like RF-lipolysis to provide the best results. She also specializes in treating all types of bone and joint problems as well as aid in a quick and easy recovery from all types of pain, swelling, and muscle spasm.

The clinic has a 21-year-old legacy of providing excellent physio-occupational therapy and weight-loss programmes. Treating various issues like back pain, arthritis, spondylosis, shoulder pain, post-operative exercises, nerve and tendon injuries, she has built a trust among her patients for making their health and well-being her top-priority.